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OK. So, here we are and it’s day whatever.

Too much to say and too tired to write but will try to push something of substance out there because there’s nothing like a blog that merely reflects the day verses how the day effected us. I always get that eff and affect wrong or right, u too?

Three small but sentimental chains dangle on my wrist.  Today’s gold rates would give me reasonable return profits but is it worth selling my history and sentiment to pay a bill collector for today whom is already wasting my  money by downsizing in one area while up-sizing cheaper labor in another: the push button, press this or that button island of no man land. Speaking of collections, I was a stamp collector as a child. Somehow, I can see now as an adult that that hobby helped influence the artsy farsty part of my brain. The collecting was more than the stamp. It was about the art that once went into is all while all trying to get the history or story behind the stamp. Thus: the artist, writer and researcher (me) was born. I got older, the stamps were collected less and boys, homework, driving my car wherever I could get to just for the heck of it, and trying to get Hey Mister to buy you something to bring to the party became my new collection of sort. That’s teenager-hood.

My kids don’t collect a darned thing. WHY IS THAT? Do they see no reason in it, or is it not fun for them at all? What IS the deal PEOPLE!? 20 years can’t change a person’s interest or hobby THAT much, can it? There are just SOME things you want to stay the same, and then there are the other things you are so glad to have gone away. I even remember my FATHER collecting, building and racing remote control cars at the hobby shop and HE was in his 30’s. So, WHAT is it that has changed in such a short time but made hobbies dissipate? Scary to think our hobbies or the hobby culture if you will, is dying. And don’t dare say it was the Internet that made them go bye-bye. That’s an easy answer and cop-out. You’ll have to think harder to make it real!

On another note, do you think that the subject of “finances” or “budgeting” stinks for those who work in this business as much as it stinks for we the people of 2010? Or, are they profiting from our depressive attitute? We all walk around in black dress, black hair, black makeup and tatoos, looking depressed and goth when it comes to merely thinking about our finances while doo-dah at the bank or bank’s desk employees wear bright colors, gold jewelry, styled hair and perky smiles. Are they vaccinated against feeling depressed from finance trouble or something? If so, I want a double vaccination. Look around, dogs, cats, birds, or whatever you have as a pet, they’re not effected. Sure, they may be eating generic instead of brandname food but they’re just as loyal to you as day one, they still let you pet them when you’re wishing life were better. Pets are like little babies and toddlers:  they’ll love you if you forget to shower. Maybe we need to take lessons from our pets on how to live abundantly even with nothing in your pocketbook?

I went to see Oprah yesterday; I won tickets. She is the closest “star” on television who I can drive to see in one day’s time. I was happy about the show when I got there. Surprisingly, it was very organized. She looks better in person than on TV, which I though it was supposed to be the other way around. She was very friend, down-to-earth and the directors had her right on cue. In the end, it’s a fun memory I can keep and talk about when I’m in the nursing home LOL.

Happy Hunting, (I do not know WHY I just said that!)



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