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Mr. Fluffy

Mr. Fluffy

Playing around with new iPad apps. Mr. fluffy…. I would draw him on many things since sixth grade (now I’m 42).


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What do we do when our cameras break?
The words we create no longer take a visual stake.

Unfortunate inability to capture what’s seen, it is sad
We take up out roots-our calling is calling “pencil” and “pad.”

With broken hearts and broken camera parts
We discover something long ago lost- our true hearts.

There on the reprocessed tree slow-quick lines appear to thee
Peer, pear, appear, erase, smudge, disappear-push that pencil, just “be.”

The art-ache illness in our hearts started that famished lead to dusty paper
Whether heart hides in pictures, sculpture, words or blogs- it is our maker.

We share for reasons the “normal” don’t, refuse to and will never fathom
For people like us, we’re lettered sad, self centered, “different” or maddened.

Addiction, release, second nature it may be, or our outlet to bleed
Fellow artists, writers, bloggers… Do not EVER stop giving into that need.

(Many blessings, love to you. May your blogs, hands and hearts always be full.) ~poetry and artwork copyrighted©2014TrishaLDunn.

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Tired, so freakin’ tired of the same crap different day.

Sure, you’ll change; but only when I change.

Don’t live in the past he says. Then he brings up an hour ago.

WTF? is my latest brain  zap, Saying as Rain Man did but in my head repeatedly

Counseling, “yes” then “no” he says.

Trying to get out of it he says, “remember b4 when we went? they r going say u have a problem!”

“Me? Have a problem?” Great! Bring the new problem on I say! My problem isn’t m


e dummy. It’s you…

You’re something I can’t cure, or self-help but inflicted through another read book.

You’re something alright, just the wrong kind of something.

And, you’re literally KILLING me….


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It’s been a while

Too long


I must get back

into the swing

things of the swing

life’s multitudes that I’ve missed





are on my 


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OK, I’ve heard of the post per day challenge. But what about posts per hour, especially when you can’t sleep, or are bored, or that itch comes scratching your brain again?
Why can’t there be a LESS predictable challenge telling us to “do this or that” when so many others have tried to challenge us before?
There’s got to be a better, more creative, fun way. Put your brains back in your heads!

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Painfully true

Honestly real

A blissful dream and yet a lie swept by the dog’s tail.

Light touched a toe into your reflection pool

Darkness surrounded your mind’s left eye fooling… 


Again, she said. Commanded in one breath!

Harps will hide their strings from her angels death.

“No more dancing!” was screamed in a flourescent bubble’s reply


No raven or crow will come during tonight’s fly.

Despise. Despise.

Today’s storm will be yesterday’s sunny sky.

Tomorrow’s snow is what remains

Yet glitter and milk feed.


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it’s been too long since I’ve posted anything. there are excuses but what good are they to say?
i need to refocus, readjust, and start writing again.
has anyone else become so engulfed in the doldrums of life that they forget the one or two things, like writing, that is something of a love? there’s no ‘like’ involved there. yet, we sometimes forget and neglect the very essence of our selves.

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