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What do we do when our cameras break?
The words we create no longer take a visual stake.

Unfortunate inability to capture what’s seen, it is sad
We take up out roots-our calling is calling “pencil” and “pad.”

With broken hearts and broken camera parts
We discover something long ago lost- our true hearts.

There on the reprocessed tree slow-quick lines appear to thee
Peer, pear, appear, erase, smudge, disappear-push that pencil, just “be.”

The art-ache illness in our hearts started that famished lead to dusty paper
Whether heart hides in pictures, sculpture, words or blogs- it is our maker.

We share for reasons the “normal” don’t, refuse to and will never fathom
For people like us, we’re lettered sad, self centered, “different” or maddened.

Addiction, release, second nature it may be, or our outlet to bleed
Fellow artists, writers, bloggers… Do not EVER stop giving into that need.

(Many blessings, love to you. May your blogs, hands and hearts always be full.) ~poetry and artwork copyrighted©2014TrishaLDunn.


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Here I rage against
the dying night
as one great poet once reminds me.

I sit and sink
I’m reminded of the stink
that today came when so did company.

Words were like a surgeon’s steel
No tears shed were like a hidden ghost’s sunburn peel
And yet I too stood there in the vast black emptiness.

Later to my angst I stood awake
next to a lover who wished for sleep to overtake
too the couch I slowly crept, still reminded of what today I had not wept.

Survival, betrayal, new names, regret
wanting and wishing, yet never to get
all these and more the words of today’s work now a reminder.

No sleep for me this hour
maybe none either the next
Just me and the black hole to get cozy with for what was not wept.

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