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yellow flowers grace a garden

So many times we are confronted with the all too real question in conversations with strangers and loved ones, “If you could have a redo (with him/her or it), WOULD  YOU?”

The problem is that there is no real, honest, right or wrong answer to the question.  Sure, saying “Yes” may hurt someone’s feelings, you know the person you married; and sure, saying “No” may hurt a current employer’s ideas about you. Putting that aside, that is not what the discussion is about. It’s about how there is no right or wrong answer to “Yes” or “No.”

The Buddhists believe that everything is connected; that everything, every thing, is connected because of something else. Something, SOMETHING caused this or that to happen. Things just don’t happen on their own. I’m not preaching buddhism here but I will say I honestly feel comfortable with most of their ideas. When I saw the Dali Lama during a U.K. taping on the Four Noble Truths, I was not the ONLY person in the room who saw that the Dali Lama appeared “happy” or “glowing and lit up from within.” He spoke of the end of all suffering and that it is possible. What a life THAT would be:  to never suffer or end suffering, pain and anguish. Just imagine! He said it was possible and he did not seem to be suffering.

Buddhist, among other teachings, say that when the “want” or “need” is gone, ten the suffering is gone. For instance:  you want that red corvette singer/songwriter Prince (or Formerly known as Prince) wrote about; “Little Red Corvette.” Although his song was not about a car in reality, you get the idea that if you want material things like red corvettes, diamonds, a “perfect” spouse, a rewarding job, easy classes at school, then you are going to suffer at some point along the way because life leads to disappointment (A.K.A. “suffering”). Suffering is not limited to crying out in pain or being mentally committed. Suffering by itself has many definitions. Lady GaGa wrote in her hit song “Bad Romance” that although she basically knew that she and her “mate” could write a bad romance, which sounds opposite of fun, she sings that she still wants “your love… love love love I want your love.” Even when a romance is known to go in the wrong direction, yet it is yearned for, suffering will too exist and coincide. I like Lady GaGa for her bravery to not conform to the Hollywood fakeness hat so many have signed contracts for. Under all the makeup and costumes, she has a lovely appearance.

Children suffer. How does the buddhism principles play into their lives of all school, homework, sports and play?  Bullying has been around since the caveman could speak with a grunt and a rock holding gesture. However, bullying in school has gained media attention on an upward trend over he past 14 years or so, right after the Internet started gaining more ground in American living rooms. Just because we journalists write about it, and trust me we write about anything pretty much, does not mean that bullying has increased. People forget when they read “reports” or articles where so-called experts were called in, research was accounted for and results tallied an increase in bullying, that every report has some sort of flaw. I believe some, if not many things, are the same as they ever were but are just more journalized or reported to the public. More reporting brings more awareness which brings more talk, more discovery, more healing (or death). I would like to lose a few pounds; would reporting on my cause directly influence any outcome? I’d say, “Yes.”

So now that these things are in the open, how do they relate to the original opening about when someone asks if you would  or could have the chance at a redo, would you? These ideas have direct correlation to about the space in between and how the domino effect is real, even in life situations. Even a do-over or redo would create a whole new set of cause-effect react-reaction scenarios. And yet they still do not mean the answers were good or bad. Life is NOT like a box of chocolates as Forest Gump said; meaning you never know what flavor you’re going to get with what you pick. Life is like a box of translucent treats where you know, if you care to know or think about it, what you are EXACTLY getting. Now, how those choices effect each situation after that choice is something to be watched, waited upon and actively inflenced by yourself.

So, would you redo or do-over same or differently in your life, marriage, childhood decisions, career paths, college, etc… If you redid or did-over any of your past, who would you be today, now as you read this, think about this, or take an active role with this? I think you may know the road to end suffering now.


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Eyes crossing, blur in my words.

Lucky to have had typing class.

Can meditation become typing with eyes closed, or would Buddha differ?

Dog is snoring, husband is emotionally drained.

Does he not realize we all are out of emotion?

Parents are lovely when they still put you down as a grown adult.

Yet, in their eyes, words are just words.

Yet, to this author, words are a sword, a bullet, and brain all in one.

Nightime sinks into me fast; bartenders must have all the luck?

A mother I am, a mother is to me. Does that matter?

I think sometimes more or equally.

I hear so many, “I wish(es)…” about what was or should have been.

Yet, if ye got what ye wished for ye would still wish.

A waterfall is beautesque. Spell check says “wrong!”

Beautesque could be pretty and beast in one.

Life giving, life taking, and ignored yet free for all to see, drink from or leave.

A city hums like a well working bee hive.

Amazed at the need for no car, imagining the money one could save.

If so many are living the city life, what is this poor economy?

Or, is it a way for Washington to obtain a paycheck raise?

This poem is going awkward, but let it bee.

Maybe this is not poetry, but we are the poetry and life writes us. Line by line.

Letter by letter we are born one by one, 25 of us on replay. Making us not so unique; all the same just different too.

Will Smith turned 7 Pounds from a Pursuit of Happiness yet one movie had less than 7 dollars as and issue and the other movie had happiness being sought after in connection.

Another famous person looked of jungle in the asphalt, the marrying a millionare was move-quality, trying to make Sense Out of Life while Monkey Business pre-premiered.

Eons, decade,  skin color, genitalia and technology apart, yet these two actors had it figured out and wanted to create, write, act, display and show the world what it’s all about.

No, no fantasy, no 3d blue smurfs, just plain ‘ol effort and art on display; inter-connected through something some say, “there ARE NO mistakes.”

I gave respect; I got none back. I tried, tried again; still nothing. One decade, I spoke to Jesus personally and my life literally thrived from end-to-end; I was a shining example of reward. Then, the basement crumbled and everything slowly fell away with it into a dark black hole of pain and emptiness that haunts, leaves for a while, and becomes a stepping stone for some to use to cause me more pain. As one commenter said, “life sucks.” Yes, I agree. One book read that the character thought she was on earth living in her own personal hell. If Jesus can redeem, then where was he when….       the list is long. But also, where was Gandi, Buddha, Moses, Abraham, The Trinity, Mar

y, Allah and the rest of the clan? Are they at Java Dreams?

I can see my rambling is going nowhere. However, maybe it has touched some soul out there waiting for the words to be said so he or she could stop thinking it. Well then, it’s posted. It is said.

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