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What do we do when our cameras break?
The words we create no longer take a visual stake.

Unfortunate inability to capture what’s seen, it is sad
We take up out roots-our calling is calling “pencil” and “pad.”

With broken hearts and broken camera parts
We discover something long ago lost- our true hearts.

There on the reprocessed tree slow-quick lines appear to thee
Peer, pear, appear, erase, smudge, disappear-push that pencil, just “be.”

The art-ache illness in our hearts started that famished lead to dusty paper
Whether heart hides in pictures, sculpture, words or blogs- it is our maker.

We share for reasons the “normal” don’t, refuse to and will never fathom
For people like us, we’re lettered sad, self centered, “different” or maddened.

Addiction, release, second nature it may be, or our outlet to bleed
Fellow artists, writers, bloggers… Do not EVER stop giving into that need.

(Many blessings, love to you. May your blogs, hands and hearts always be full.) ~poetry and artwork copyrighted©2014TrishaLDunn.


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Life comes in cycles and this cycle I’ve been handed recently is no picnic. I have a cousin on life support whose family has either given up on her, treated her worse than a dying dog, or has yet to figure out what type of love she needs. It’s all ever about communication and not everyone knows how to say, “I need this from you…”  One thing we ALL can hear though is that, “she did NOT need that from you…”

As much as communication is key, so is not communicating. It can tell us exactly what we don’t want to hear and what we need to hear. How random is your life? Just think about that for a moment. It seems I am the target of some very random acts of odd, painful, and just plain WTF! moments. How often do you consider your own healthcare as a credit report? We don’t think of it but what if you went to the ER and the meds they have listed for U were for someone dying from cancer? How would that effect your course of treatment?

What about communication between kids? “You have a manstash!” and “She’s the devil of best friend stealers!” Those are pretty strong words. Do we as adults ever speak like this? Not normally. But, I think it’s time we do.

Boss:  you stink, you’re ugly and you never appreciate me.

Husband or Wife:   you’re fat and lazy!

Teenager:   I am actually proud of you today!

Dog:  I hate your bathing habits but thanks for being so loyal.

Cashier:  You are SO freakin’ slow everytime I show up!

Receptionist:  WHY?  WHY!? Do you act like you hate your job if you are working here with people!?

Neighbor:  You are FAKE! Stop waving to me when you really hate me.

Church singer:  Stop doing this for yourself and stop singing all together. See how you like that?

Bus driver:  You know, I hate it when u look at me like that. Plus, u smell too.

What and to who are some things you would like to say but normally don’t. Comments welcome.

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