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What do we do when our cameras break?
The words we create no longer take a visual stake.

Unfortunate inability to capture what’s seen, it is sad
We take up out roots-our calling is calling “pencil” and “pad.”

With broken hearts and broken camera parts
We discover something long ago lost- our true hearts.

There on the reprocessed tree slow-quick lines appear to thee
Peer, pear, appear, erase, smudge, disappear-push that pencil, just “be.”

The art-ache illness in our hearts started that famished lead to dusty paper
Whether heart hides in pictures, sculpture, words or blogs- it is our maker.

We share for reasons the “normal” don’t, refuse to and will never fathom
For people like us, we’re lettered sad, self centered, “different” or maddened.

Addiction, release, second nature it may be, or our outlet to bleed
Fellow artists, writers, bloggers… Do not EVER stop giving into that need.

(Many blessings, love to you. May your blogs, hands and hearts always be full.) ~poetry and artwork copyrighted©2014TrishaLDunn.


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Lost but found in a sea of rolling thunder
So dark
So light
In a space
between time
and space
Her ship sailed
blown by dirty earthworms breath
Governed by
Wrecked, torn
The ship no more
Landed on alien shore
She walked… fast
Leaving behind the broken mast

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Fruitless lies the trash of the resolute per annual.

Wind blows the drippy promise, away. Away.

Let it be carried by the invisible.


Did you think it was yours to carry?

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Drama. We all know it and have heard of it. It’s on our TV, in the magazines, and in everyday life. But, there is a bigger drama out there not many are aware of:  salon drama.

After working in the beauty industry since 1992, I’ve decided to touch base on this mane event. Of course, the disclaimer: the names have been changed blah blah blah will be assumed.

While truly non-fictional in every word I will endeavor in this tale of woes and foes, it is at best fiction and biographical. Where to start? Any ideas? I’m open to suggestion. Several salons later, several hundreds of salon clients and crazy bosses later, and then the rest…

Give me some tips. Should I start with the last and end with the first? Chain salon or private salon? Regardless their daily settings may have changed by location or mood (or who was fired or canned that day or week). However, the drama co-exists across all universal encounters of the beauty industry.

Here is one day in the life of drama in the follicular sense:

Kam: OMG girl! Did you SEE that guys butt?

Tim: No, today’s not my day to be looking that way. Sorry.

Kam: (puffing on his smoke) You should have seen the sweeties down in Philly last night! TOTALLY to die for!

Dino: Well I face slammed the bar last night.

A woman walks in, all three stylists slowly peer from the break room saying, “Who wants THIS lady? She looks like an Irish train wreck!?” They pause, look at her, she looks back nervously as if they are looking at her naked. She shuffles her feet looking back at the front door as if wondering if she made a mistake.

Dino: I guess I will take her.

Dino slowly walks the long walk from back-breakroom to receptionist area, not bothering to smile or pretend she is happy to make 50 percent of a $14 haircut.

Dino: Can I help you?

The Lady: Yes, I wanted to see about getting a perm today with really really tight curls.

Dino: (thinks, “Ugh, another blue rod nightmare!”) OK, follow me.

The Lady and Dino walk 10 feet to an electric orange colored hair station with poor lighting while rap music blasts in the background.

Dino: So, you want a tight curl you say?

The Lady: Yes, I had a perm last time but it didn’t seem to take.

Dino: (thinks, every old lady says this every time!) OK, let’s go to the shampoo bowl.

They walk to a crappy uncomfortable shampoo chair and bowl.

Meanwhile, the two stylists left in the break room get bored. “Time for another cigarette,” one says. “I think I’ll get chinese food but last time I got the craps,” the other replies.

Kam: I’m getting chinese again, does anyone else want to split the ticket?

Dino: Not unless you want to split my SIDES open again!? (The Lady looks up listening to the conversation, the phone rings)

Kam: (answering the phone) Hair’s My Follicle’s Incorporated How Can I Help You?

Phone Customer: Yes, do you do butt waxing?

Kam: Ummm, I dunno let me check? (looks back, yells to the salon, “Hey! Do we wax butts?” but gets no reply). Sorry, we don’t wax butts ma’am… (hides a giggle). Hangs up, yells back to the salon: OK, I just got the WEIRDEST call about butt waxing, I mean WHO wants to rip the hairs out of some perv’s A**?

Dino: YOU would! (laughs)

Meanwhile, Sarah storms in from the front door for her shift one hour late with a hung over from horrible look on her face.

Dino just watches, ignoring the attitude sensed while regretting the next two hours that will be spent wrapping near toothpick sized blue rollers on a full head while using wrapping papers thinner than anything a cigarette is smoked with. Dino tells The Lady, “Follow me.” They walk back to the horrific orange station and Dino starts to section off the hair in nine areas just as learned in beauty school. Dino thinks, “GAWD! Why me?!” 30 minutes later The Lady’s hair is wrapped in a flurry of blue rods and the rotten egg smell is making everyone sick. Dino walks back to the breakroom dying to have a smoke while everyone else has been sitting in the back complaining about how “slow” it is. They vaguely discuss food, flip through gossip magazines and discuss which Hollywood star has fake boobs or needs to return to rehab. Another customer walks in and they all, again, slowly peek around the corner and stare….

They all are dreading the manager who is returning today after his day off; they all talk about how he is from “hell” but they never say how to fix their “dilemma.”

To be continued…

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Life comes in cycles and this cycle I’ve been handed recently is no picnic. I have a cousin on life support whose family has either given up on her, treated her worse than a dying dog, or has yet to figure out what type of love she needs. It’s all ever about communication and not everyone knows how to say, “I need this from you…”  One thing we ALL can hear though is that, “she did NOT need that from you…”

As much as communication is key, so is not communicating. It can tell us exactly what we don’t want to hear and what we need to hear. How random is your life? Just think about that for a moment. It seems I am the target of some very random acts of odd, painful, and just plain WTF! moments. How often do you consider your own healthcare as a credit report? We don’t think of it but what if you went to the ER and the meds they have listed for U were for someone dying from cancer? How would that effect your course of treatment?

What about communication between kids? “You have a manstash!” and “She’s the devil of best friend stealers!” Those are pretty strong words. Do we as adults ever speak like this? Not normally. But, I think it’s time we do.

Boss:  you stink, you’re ugly and you never appreciate me.

Husband or Wife:   you’re fat and lazy!

Teenager:   I am actually proud of you today!

Dog:  I hate your bathing habits but thanks for being so loyal.

Cashier:  You are SO freakin’ slow everytime I show up!

Receptionist:  WHY?  WHY!? Do you act like you hate your job if you are working here with people!?

Neighbor:  You are FAKE! Stop waving to me when you really hate me.

Church singer:  Stop doing this for yourself and stop singing all together. See how you like that?

Bus driver:  You know, I hate it when u look at me like that. Plus, u smell too.

What and to who are some things you would like to say but normally don’t. Comments welcome.

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yellow flowers grace a garden

So many times we are confronted with the all too real question in conversations with strangers and loved ones, “If you could have a redo (with him/her or it), WOULD  YOU?”

The problem is that there is no real, honest, right or wrong answer to the question.  Sure, saying “Yes” may hurt someone’s feelings, you know the person you married; and sure, saying “No” may hurt a current employer’s ideas about you. Putting that aside, that is not what the discussion is about. It’s about how there is no right or wrong answer to “Yes” or “No.”

The Buddhists believe that everything is connected; that everything, every thing, is connected because of something else. Something, SOMETHING caused this or that to happen. Things just don’t happen on their own. I’m not preaching buddhism here but I will say I honestly feel comfortable with most of their ideas. When I saw the Dali Lama during a U.K. taping on the Four Noble Truths, I was not the ONLY person in the room who saw that the Dali Lama appeared “happy” or “glowing and lit up from within.” He spoke of the end of all suffering and that it is possible. What a life THAT would be:  to never suffer or end suffering, pain and anguish. Just imagine! He said it was possible and he did not seem to be suffering.

Buddhist, among other teachings, say that when the “want” or “need” is gone, ten the suffering is gone. For instance:  you want that red corvette singer/songwriter Prince (or Formerly known as Prince) wrote about; “Little Red Corvette.” Although his song was not about a car in reality, you get the idea that if you want material things like red corvettes, diamonds, a “perfect” spouse, a rewarding job, easy classes at school, then you are going to suffer at some point along the way because life leads to disappointment (A.K.A. “suffering”). Suffering is not limited to crying out in pain or being mentally committed. Suffering by itself has many definitions. Lady GaGa wrote in her hit song “Bad Romance” that although she basically knew that she and her “mate” could write a bad romance, which sounds opposite of fun, she sings that she still wants “your love… love love love I want your love.” Even when a romance is known to go in the wrong direction, yet it is yearned for, suffering will too exist and coincide. I like Lady GaGa for her bravery to not conform to the Hollywood fakeness hat so many have signed contracts for. Under all the makeup and costumes, she has a lovely appearance.

Children suffer. How does the buddhism principles play into their lives of all school, homework, sports and play?  Bullying has been around since the caveman could speak with a grunt and a rock holding gesture. However, bullying in school has gained media attention on an upward trend over he past 14 years or so, right after the Internet started gaining more ground in American living rooms. Just because we journalists write about it, and trust me we write about anything pretty much, does not mean that bullying has increased. People forget when they read “reports” or articles where so-called experts were called in, research was accounted for and results tallied an increase in bullying, that every report has some sort of flaw. I believe some, if not many things, are the same as they ever were but are just more journalized or reported to the public. More reporting brings more awareness which brings more talk, more discovery, more healing (or death). I would like to lose a few pounds; would reporting on my cause directly influence any outcome? I’d say, “Yes.”

So now that these things are in the open, how do they relate to the original opening about when someone asks if you would  or could have the chance at a redo, would you? These ideas have direct correlation to about the space in between and how the domino effect is real, even in life situations. Even a do-over or redo would create a whole new set of cause-effect react-reaction scenarios. And yet they still do not mean the answers were good or bad. Life is NOT like a box of chocolates as Forest Gump said; meaning you never know what flavor you’re going to get with what you pick. Life is like a box of translucent treats where you know, if you care to know or think about it, what you are EXACTLY getting. Now, how those choices effect each situation after that choice is something to be watched, waited upon and actively inflenced by yourself.

So, would you redo or do-over same or differently in your life, marriage, childhood decisions, career paths, college, etc… If you redid or did-over any of your past, who would you be today, now as you read this, think about this, or take an active role with this? I think you may know the road to end suffering now.

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